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"MREP worked with United Airlines and its Unions to develop grievance mediation, and then helped us to develop the communication and problem-solving skills we needed to resolve problems on our own. We have also called on MREP to provide facilitators for our contract negotiations. They are a valuable resource for all joint union-management efforts".

Sara Fields, Senior Vice President Onboard Service, United Airlines

Established in 1980, MREP is the preeminent private provider of grievance mediation services and training in the United States.

Grievance mediation: MREP has mediated over 3,700 grievances, settling 86%. In 2015, the average cost of grievance mediation to each party was under $500.00, approximately 20% of the average cost of arbitration as reported by FMCS. For further statistics on the costs and results of grievance mediation, see 2015 MREP Grievance Mediation Report.

Expedited med-arb: MREP, which has directed a successful expedited med-arb program for Verizon (New England) and IBEW since 2006, is now offering expedited med-arb (a blend of mediation and arbitration) to employers and unions nation-wide. (For a full description of expedited med-arb, click on Expedited Med-Arb.) Med-arb services will be provided by MREP's corps of trained grievance mediators, each of whom is also an experienced arbitrator - 70% are members of the National Academy of Arbitrators.

Mediation training: MREP provides joint training for union and management in grievance mediation, expedited med-arb, and contract negotiations. Among the organizations for which MREP has recently provided such training are American Airlines and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, and Philadelphia Gas Workers and Utility Workers Union of America. (See MREP Services)